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"I wanted to share a cool story that happened at our San Marcos center yesterday when Steve met with a mother of a potential new student. Though she loved the strategies she and Steve discussed for her daughter, her husband (who did not attend the meeting) hesitated to commit to a long term academic support plan. We too often experience this occurrence when a key family member cannot attend the assessment results meeting. Amazingly...when the father reviewed our website later that night, he changed his tune and enrolled his child for the entire school year! Not only was he excited that our website presented our services professionally, he was touched by our sincere desire to support our students. Our website accomplished what we had wished: distinguishing our services from the generic and outdated programs out there while reflecting our passion to help students reach their full potential in our nurturing and professional environment. 
Again, thanks so much for your support and responsiveness to our needs."
Anh and Steve Eggers, Owners
ACE Tutoring of San Marcos, Poway and Carlsbad