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About Us

The CASAR | ENTERPRISES Team has over 35 years in the Information Technology environment.  We have also served as consultants to small & Medium size businesses helping them to increase their profits through technology.  As a result we ran into a common theme among small businesses regarding the high cost of websites, the lack of a web presence and the long-term stability of their website support.  We started this business primarily to address this need.  We bring the type of service and support you would expect from a Fortune 500 size company to the small and medium size business marketplace. 
CASAR | ENTERPRISES recognizes that Main Street Business Owners and Professionals create over 70% of all new jobs in our U.S. Economy but, in our opinion, are not fairly served in the world of internet advertising.
CASAR | ENTERPRISES knows this because we have been involved with business management teams who have become weary of being taken advantage of because using internet advertising technology was not their core business.  Wasted dollars affect families that depend on the success of Main Street Business Owners, Professionals and their companies.  CASAR | ENTERPRISES is sensitive to the needs of the small business owner and we do not want to waste your money.
The goal of CASAR | ENTERPRISES is to develop long-term relationships with our customers by helping produce a cost effective website that will enable the small business owner to find new business. Then, if it is appropriate, we provide our clients with the ability to sell on-line. Our focus is to bring in new business for our clients through an effective website that will help the small business:

    To be found on an Internet Search;
    To sell products or services on-line; and
    To stay in touch with clients and prospects for future sales opportunities

What makes CASAR | ENTERPRISES different? First we speak your language and we do not promise unbelievable overnight results (if it's too good to be true, it's probably not true)…BUT CASAR | ENTERPRISES does provide a system that will, over the long term, be steady, consistent and follow proven business principles. People buy from people they can trust.
CASAR | ENTERPRISES really believes that long-term success begins by serving first.  Many good things happen when you are a servant leader and CASAR | ENTERPRISES is staffed by servant leaders. That is a core value of the team's belief system. Another core value is treating others as we would like to be treated.